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What is WMI provider host? How can it be fixed?


Sometimes you discover that the WMI Provider Host process is frequently employing a significant sum of the chip. There have been studies that sometimes the process eventually ends up using over 50 percent of the chip energy, especially if press apps have been in usage.

What’s WMI Provider Host?

The agency WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) is short to get Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. This truly is a vital support, plus it might be tough to deal with applications with no method. The majority of the benefits could be ineffective if it is ceased. Moreover, customers may not get admissions for numerous errors.

Is WmiPrvSE.exe a virus?

Spyware may hide by employing this name and place them, but even the Windows Management Instrumentation Supplier Support process or the is located in the Windows folder.


After upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 or any other version, you might face an error naming WMI provider host. This error makes your CPU usage high and can make your computer slow and hot.

Follow the below-given methods to resolve your issue.



There is a possibility that corrupt drivers are making your CPU usage high. To fix drivers, install third-party software to check what driver is corrupt and then reinstall that driver. Restart your computer and check if your issue is resolved.



  1. Right, click on windows logo in the bottom left of the taskbar.
  2. Click on Event Viewer option from the list and the menu bar click on View.
  3. Select “Show analytics logs” option and scroll down to find Services logs-> Microsoft and then WMI-Activity.
  4. Click on Operational from the list for WMI provider logs.
  5. If you find any error, click on it and it will display the specification of that error.
  6. From that error window, under the general option, you will see a term ClientProcessId, note down that number to be used afterward.
  7. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open up Task manager. Select services tab and find the service with the same number you noted down above.
  8. When you find that services, only just disable it because this service was causing the error.
  9. After disabling, go to control panel and select programs and features.
  10. Uninstall that program and restart your computer for changes to be saved.



Open up your task manager by right clicking on the windows logo. Select task manager from the list. Once the task manager’s window comes up, click on services tab and press W. Find Windows Instrumentation and select restart. This can help you in solving your error.



There is a possibility that after running system maintenance you might not face this error anymore.

  1. Press Windows + S and type TROUBLESHOOTING in the search bar.
  2. From the troubleshooting window select View all option available on the left side panel.
  3. Now find System Maintenance and click next.
  4. By following the instructions, you can solve WMI PROVIDER HOST error.



The last possible option left is system restore. You can get back your settings by doing so, but this should be the last option to choose.



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