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How to Fix ‘Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged’ In Windows 10

Fix ‘Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

If Store program is not opening in Windows 10 and operating Program troubleshooter reports unresolved “Windows Store cache might be damaged” message, fix it manually here.

Whenever there occurs any matter using Windows Store, users tend to be suggested to conduct Windows Store Apps troubleshooter. This built-in troubleshooter enables you to recognize the issue with Shop and repair it automatically. But occasionally, automatic fixing utilizing this tool might not operate, yet ou have to understand what the matter is so which it is possible to fix it manually.

Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

This post talks about one particular problem that isn’t fixable by Windows Store Apps troubleshooter also it’s tagged as “Windows Store cache might be damaged.” We recently came across this issue on a Windows 10 Guru operating system for which Store program was not launching, and it got stuck on the splash screen. Running the troubleshooter discovered this issue, and it appears that we will need to repair it manually since it’s fairly apparent from under screenshot.

If you are also reported by this open and identified issue through the Programs troubleshooter, this is the way to take care of this.

FIX : ‘Windows Store Cache Might Be Damaged’ In Windows 10/8.1/8

FIX 1 — Reset Windows Store In Windows 10/8.1/8

  1. Press + R and kind C:\Windows\System32 from the Run, hit Enter key. Be certain that you replace C: with your system root drive, even if Windows is set up to another drive.Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged
  2. In the System32 folder, scroll down and locate WSReset.exe program. Click on it and choose Run as administrator.Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged
  3. Subsequently hit Yes button at UAC prompt and the program will refresh Windows Store without affecting your own preferences and installed programs, as removed from under picture.Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

After reset operation finishes, Windows will automatically open Store program, and you’ll be able to use it today how that you desire.

FIX 2 — From Shifting Cache Folder In App Directory

  1. Press + R and kind below mentioned a place at the Run and clicked OK.


*Substitute C: with system root drive and <USERNAME> with your user account name. AppDatafolder is hidden by default.
Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

  1. In the LocalState folder, even should you discover Cache folder, then rename it Cache.old. Now create a new folder and title it Cache. In case of Cache folder does not exists by default, only create the empty new folder and title it Cache.Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged
  2. Now You Can shut File Explorer and then reboot. After reboot, retry to conduct Windows Store Apps troubleshooter, it will again discover the matter, but now it will repair it also.Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

Give another restart into your own system, and then Store will begin functioning as anticipated.


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