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Fix Parse Error – There is a Problem Parsing the Package

Android OS is the most popular smartphone OS as of now, which has to be due to its vast app set. It’s also an open source OS, so yeah that may be the reason also. Consequently, if an Android user chooses to change to a new cellphone OS, they will start looking for the apps set and then determine if they wish to make the transfer. But with all the benefit, the Android OS isn’t resistant to errors and user retains confronting one or another regularly.

Among the earliest and most frequent mistake faced by Android consumers are the Parse error in Android. The error pops up when you attempt to install a program in your own Android cellphone. The entire error appears like “Parse error — there’s a problem parsing the Bundle”. The mistake is straightforward to comprehend with all the error message stating “the program can’t be installed in your telephone because of an issue with all the parsing.”

If you continue tinkering with the Android programs by making modifications to the programs manifest document, then too, the “Parse error” from Android will happen. There are numerous reasons for its Parse error in Android and now we’ll be discussing the probable solutions to repair the parse error in Android.

Sources for the Parse error in Android?

Before we proceed into the fixes, let us see what could lead to Parse error in Android. The parse error occurs while installing an Android program on your mobile phone. However, the causes may differ.

  • Parse error can happen when you’ve made changes to the program’s manifest file such as altering the Android version.
  • It may also happen because of some corrupt . Apk file or might because of a partially downloaded apk file.
  • Insufficient permission to put in third party programs from unidentified sources.
  • Your Android smartphone OS variant or the hardware isn’t compatible with the program.
  • A third party protection program is blocking the program installment.

Repair Parse Error — There’s a Problem Parsing the Bundle

Repair 1: Assess Your Programs Manifest File

This remedy is just for the men and women who continue messing with programs Manifest file to create a modification for this. Consequently, if you’re among these and made any alterations to this Apps Androidmanifest.xml document then try restoring the document into its default condition. Things you Will Need to Be Certain to fix the parse error when installing an Android program:

The title of this . Apk was changed — Thus, in the event the first . Apk was called as original.apk, and you also renamed it into original1.apk then you might want to rename it into its first name which is “Original.apk”.

Once renamed, attempt to install the program in your own Android phone and see whether the parse error was solved.

The issue with your Program’s code — Well, this is not something I can troubleshoot and state everything went wrong. However, if there’s a issue with your code, then you might have to check into that.

Repair 2: Permit Apps Installation from Unknown Resources

For the safety reasons, the Android smartphone doesn’t let you install programs from third party resources or resources aside from the Google Play Store. Installing third party programs from unidentified sources may damage your mobile phone.

Consequently, if you’re working to set up a . Apk file you might confront the “parse error — there’s an error parsing the bundle”. To repair this, what you could do this is permit program installation from the unidentified sources. You may get the settings to exactly the same below Security configurations of your mobile phone.

To enable app installation from the unidentified resources, go to Settings and search for Security choice below “Input and Control.”

Tap on Safety and beneath Device administrators tap on “Unknown Resources, permits installation of programs from unidentified sources”. If requested to affirm, tap OK.

Return to the folder in which you have the . apk located. Harness it and set up the program without even parse error.

Repair 3: Empower USB Debugging

Enabling USB debugging is not really necessary for installing Android programs using the . apk file. However, for many users, allowing the USB debugging appears to have worked really well.

To empower USB debugging, you want to enable Developer Choice on your own Android phone first.

To empower “Developer choice” head to, Settings, then scroll down and tap on About Telephone and then tap seven occasions on the “Build Number”. You need to see a “You’re currently a programmer” message on the monitor.

Then go to Settings again, scroll down and tap on Developer Options. Under programmer alternatives, tap on USB debugging and empower it.

The method to enable USB debugging for different devices are going to differ. There are dedicated sites such Empower USB Debugging with thorough directions to do exactly the same.

Repair 4: Customize Antivirus

The parse error may also happen if your safety program is blocking the setup. The majority of the Antivirus attempt to obstruct the installation of those software that may seem untrusted or questionable. Consequently, if you’re working to set up a . Apk, the chance is that your antivirus app may be blocking the . Apk document and preventing the setup.

Thus, consider disabling the Antivirus temporarily and attempt to set up the . apk file. This time, you need to be able to set up the . Apk file without having any parse error in Android.

Repair 5: Corrupted APK or Partially Downloaded File

The term error — there’s a problem parsing the bundle error may also happen because of some corrupt . apk file. Consider downloading the brand new apk and put in it. See if this may solve the error. Additionally, be sure that you download the whole file. From time to time, you may partly download a . Apk face and file Parse error whilst installing it.

Repair 6: Incompatible Program

Some Android programs don’t support the old variant of their Android OS. Some programs don’t support the older hardware of their smartphone. Thus, when you attempt to set up a program which requires Android 4.4 KitKat over on a Android 4.3 Jelly Bean running smartphone then you are going to get “Parse error — there’s a problem parsing the bundle” message. Thus, be sure that you read the program description concerning the need about the Google Play Store.

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