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Fix “Downloading Do Not Turn Off Target” Error in Android

Android apparatus can be fun till you’re stuck using a strange issue that doesn’t let you turn on your own Android smartphone. The dilemma is “downloading, don’t turn off goal” mistake in Android. Thus, in the present article, I will share with you just how you can repair this mistake in Android tablets.

The issue appears to be common with Samsung created Android tablets. Some Google Nexus consumers also have reported about precisely the exact same mistake.

What occurs is that whenever you’re using your smartphone, your telephone will abruptly shut down and if you flip it on, you may see “Downloading, don’t switch off the target malfunction” onto the monitor.

It may also occur when your device turns off due to low battery or when you’ve lost your phone and the battery came out leading in sudden shut from this gadget.

Despite the motive, the correct for “downloading, don’t switch off the goal” error is unknown and unaddressed from the Google.

The reason might be that the issue isn’t overly widespread and just particular manufacturers made phones are confronting this issue.

Just how to repair this “downloading, don’t turn off goal” mistake in Android? The solution lies in why you’re getting this error.

The mistake may be temporary one, and also a suitable restart can repair it. But if the malfunction is because of a software issue using the Android apparatus, then you might have to reset the device.

Both the methods are demonstrated to work on Android apparatus facing this mistake. I’ve recorded both the approaches below, try out both of these if needed.

Repair 1: Restart Android Phone

Whenever your telephone is stuck onto the “downloading, don’t turn off goal” display, you can’t switch off the telephone by pressing the power button. It won’t function or react just like it’s used to.

To turn off Android telephone when in download manner, you want to press the mixture of buttons mentioned under.

In the “downloading, don’t turn off goal” display, press the following combination of buttons:

Volume Down + House + Power Button

Maintain them pressed before the phone shuts off. Release the buttons whenever the phone shuts off. The phone will restart itself. Following the restart, then you ought to have the problem fixed in your mobile phone.

Phone still reveals “Downloading, don’t turn off goal” error?

It might happen that somehow you turned off the phone with the procedure shown previously, but after the restart, then you receive exactly the identical mistake rather than booting up normally.

In these instances, the error might not be a temporary error and might call for additional troubleshoot.

1 thing that’s worked for me in this scenario was factory resetting the telephone. Why would mill resetting help?

The mistake “downloading, don’t turn off goal” may be a software problem which made its way into a telephone once you recently upgraded your cell phone with the newest version of Android.

If that’s true, a factory reset will be able to enable you to reestablish the telephone back into its factory default, hence resolving the malfunction on Android phone.

Before you factory reset the telephone, you might have to take backup of this information on your mobile phone. If you store all of your information in phone’s internal memory, then you ought to have a full backup of folders and files before diluting it. Before resetting the telephone, try this to get your telephone restart normally.

Allow the battery Die!

After restarting your telephone it’s displaying the same “downloading, don’t flip off target” error, then depart the apparatus because it is till the telephone’s battery goes dry and it expires. You will dwell it for a night or so, to allow the battery drain away entirely.

When the phone is totally dead, then connect the telephone to your own charger and while attached to the charger, then attempt to restart the device by pressing the power button.

The apparatus might take a while before reacting as the battery is totally dead. Thus, allow it to charge for three or four minutes and then restart by pressing the power button.

Note: Keep the charger on the telephone whilst attempting to restart.

If everything went right, your telephone must restart normally. The moment the telephone restarts, now is the time to have a backup.

Require a Backup

It’s necessary that you take an entire backup of information in your telephone as factory stressing the Android cellphone will erase all of the folders and files containing videos and pictures in your phone’s internal memorycard.

Consequently, if you’re using a Samsung device, utilize Samsung Kies to make a complete data backup. After you’ve established the backup, proceed with all of steps below.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Now you’ve chosen a copy of your mobile’s information, it’s time to revive your phone to its factory default settings.

There are two ways to reset your own Android cellphone. You are able to mill reset from Preferences Menu and Retrieval Mode. I’ve recorded both the technique, follow the one which suits your situation best.

Factory Reset from Preferences Menu

From All programs, tap on Placing.

Under “Personal” section, tap Backup & Reset alternative. If prompted to enter your PIN or unlock the device, take action.

Beneath “Personal information” segment, tap Factory info reset.

A Pop-up window may appear asking you to affirm the choice of Factory Reset. If you would like to move, then tap on Reset Phone.

Next, you might be requested to enter a password when you’ve setup any. Tap on Erase Everything to commence the factory reset procedure.

Now, wait until the Factory reset procedure is complete. Once done, restart your cell phone.

If you’re utilizing Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or its predecessors, do the following instead.

To Difficult Reset, visit Settings >> General >> Backup and reset >> Factory info intercepted >> Reset device >> Delete all.

Factory Reset By Recovery Mode

If you cannot enter the Preferences Menu by restarting the device, then it’s possible to reset the telephone from Recovery Mode. Just be certain that you know that the username (email) and password of this Google Account which you used to set up the telephone.

By Android 5.1 and over, if you reset the telephone utilizing retrieval mode, you need to input a Google Username and password prior to completing the installation process after factory reset.

It’s done in order to stop others from using somebody else’s apparatus after mill resetting it. Even though it’s possible to skip the factory reset security, it doesn’t operate on all of the edition of Android. So, be cautious when simplifying the apparatus using Recovery Mode process.

This is the Way to disable Android Factory Reset Protection:

Proceed to Settings, Safety and flip off Screen Lock.

Then visit Settings >> Accounts and eliminate all Google Account synced with your apparatus.

After you’ve disabled, Factory Reset Protection, proceed with factory reset procedure under.

To perform a factory reset with Recovery Mode, follow these steps:

Switch your phone off, if it’s ON.

When the telephone is off, then press and maintain Volume Up + Electricity + Home button simultaneously, until the system turns on.

Now use the Volume buttons to scroll through the Menu.

Highlight Wipe data/factory reset choice and press Power button to choose it.

Now select Yes with the Volume button and then press Power to button to affirm it.

When the reset process is finished, pick Reboot System Currently choice utilizing the Power button.

That is it! When the Android telephone restarts, see whether the issue is solved. If your phone prompts you to upgrade to the most recent edition of Android, don’t do that till you’re certain that it isn’t the upgrade that is causing the situation.

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