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How to Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10 Error

Critical process died error on your computer indicates that your Windows OS is conflicting with one or more Critical processes. The windows authorized applications are allowed to access certain data, but whenever a critical component detects some unauthorized changes in any data, it immediately causes this error. Most of the time this error occurs when you update your (Operating System) or install any new software.  Outdated drivers can also be a cause of this error.

Let’s discuss some possible solutions for Critical process died error.



If you are unable to open your computer then just boot your computer in SAFE MODE.

  1. To find the safe mode menu, restart your computer and press F8 as soon as you see your computer’s motherboard logo.
  2. Your computer will display hardware information which is called Advanced Boot Option.
  3. Select Safe Mode and let it boot.
  4. Press windows + R keys together and type “msconfig” in the bar.
  5. After the new window gets opened, go to Services.
  6. Check the Hide all services option on the bottom left.
  7. After that, select Startup tab option and open Task Manager.
  8. Click on Disable all option and restart your computer




Just to save your time, install third party software to automatically check all the outdated drivers instead of manually checking and updating them. All the faulty or outdated drivers will be displayed with an option to update drivers . Update them and restart your computer to save changes.



System restore can help you in reverting your PC’s setting to a previous working state. Follow below steps to perform a system restore.

  1. Press windows + S keys together, and type system restores in the search bar.
  2. Now click on Create restore option tab.
  3. From the new window select System protection and choose Restore.
  4. You will see a window with all the current available restore points. Choose one and wait until it finishes.
  5. Restart your computer and check whether you are still facing Critical process died error or not



The last option you should choose is the installation of a fresh OS on your computer. If none of the above methods worked then only install a new operating system to get rid of this error. However, mentioning again that this should be the very last option you should go for.


Following above methods will surely help you to resolve your Critical Process Died error.


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