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Fix Cannot Delete Error While Deleting Key in Windows

Occasionally, you might have to delete a registry key in the registry editor. To to delete a registry key in the registry editor, then you want to assign whole control and permission on a registry key. If you do not do this, You Might Wind up with a error message “can’t delete (keyword): Error while deleting key”. This really is a not OS specific problem since it can happen on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Thus, in the present article, we’ll be showing you how you can fix can’t delete error when deleting key in Windows 10.

I recently got a message stating that the consumer has been experiencing the problem when attempting to delete a registry key. The mistake the reader has been facing while attempting to delete the registry key was to get Bluestacks. The mistake was “can’t delete Bluestacks: Error while deleting key”. Because you can see Bluestacks is the registry key here and the consumer was not able to delete it.

You might choose to delete registry keys every moment. The majority of the time, this might be because you would like to re install a software which has malfunctioned or isn’t working correctly and the only means to make it function would be to reinstall it. Considering that the registry keys can remain even after the uninstallation, it may cause difficulties during reinstallation.

Now to correct “can’t delete crucial: error while deleting key” that you want to assign complete consent to the registry key. When you’ve taken the possession, you can try deleting the registry key. The error may also occur because of other reasons also. Thus, try all of the repairs listed below until the mistake becomes solved.

Repair CanNot Delete Error While Deleting Key

Notice: This tutorial can be applied to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS running PCs.

Take Ownership and Grand Total revision into the Registry key.

There are two approaches to grant permission and also require possession of a recorder to correct ” Don’t Delete Error While Deleting Key”. You can do this straight in the registry editor, or you may achieve this with the command prompt. I’ve recorded both the approaches from the report.

Method 1: Use a Registry Key using Registry Editor

Notice, if you’re running Windows 7 or under, the method to spend the permission differs in contrast to Windows 8 and Windows 10. Thus, check measures cited for your own version of Windows OS.

>> For Windows 10 / / 8.1 / 8

Press “Windows Key + R”, it is going to start the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box type “regedit” and hit enter. It’ll open “Registry Editor” window.

Now go to the registry key which you would like to take consent. Right-click onto it and “Permission” in the choices.

A brand new “Permissions for Screen” dialog box will open. From the dialog box, click on the “Advanced” button at the underside.

Click on “Change” link with Trustedinstaller. It’ll start a New dialog box “Select User or Group”.

Enter your username in “Enter the item name to choose” and click on “Check Names” button. It is going to automatically convert and check the username to correct format.


Click on the OK button to store the settings.

In “Permissions for Screen” window, then select your own username below “Group or user name:” and check “Permit” checkbox in front of “Complete Control”.

Click on Apply button and then on the OK to save the preferences. That is it. You’ve taken complete permission for the registry key and now can delete the registry key if you would like.

>> To Windows 7 / XP / Vista 

Open registry editor by simply pressing “Windows key + R”, type “regedit” and hit enter.

Now browse to the registry key which you would like to take consent. Right-click on the primary and choose “Permissions” in the alternative.

Click on the “Advanced” button in the bottom.

Click on the “Owner” tab. Here you may observe the present owner and alter proprietor to alternative. Beneath “change proprietor ” choose your own username and click on “Apply” button. In the base, you may even see “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” alternative. Check this option if You Would like to take possession of this sub-key

In “Permissions for Screen” dialog box, pick your own username and assess “Permit” choice for “Complete Control“. Click on Apply and then on the OK button to store the settings.

Method 2: Take Ownership of Registry Using Command prompt

If you’re familiar with the controls and the command prompt then you may use the procedure 2 to take grant consent to the registry keys. The Control instantaneous method has various method to grant consent to a registry key with various tools, but with this particular post, I won’t be moving in detail as I’ll pay with the command prompt to take possession in detail in my next article. Follow the following steps to take possession of a registry key with the command prompt.

1. Download SetACL Utility from here— This can be needed to give and assign consent together with the command prompt.

Once downloaded, extract the downloaded document. It’s two variations for both 32-bit and 64-bit, so pick the version based on your OS version.

2. Transfer the (32-bit or 64-bit) SetACL.exe document to C:/Windows/Sytem32 folder.

3. Open command prompt as secretary and enter the following commands:

SetACL.exe -to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\bittorrent\shell" -ot reg -actn setowner -ownr "n:Administrators"
SetACL.exe -to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\bittorrent\shell" -ot reg -actn ace -ace "n:Administrators;p:complete"

From the preceding command, shift “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\bittorrent\shell” along with your preferred registry or registry path or place. You are able to come across the vital name by right-clicking on the registry at the registry editor and choosing “Copy Essential name” alternative.

Should you visit “SetACL completed successfully” message for both the controls then you can make certain you’ve taken ownership permission to the registry key.

Now try to delete the registry key and see whether the error “can’t delete crucial: Error while deleting key” was solved.

So, this was all about how to repair the “can’t delete Error while deleting key”. Do let us know whether you’ve got an alternate fix in the remarks below.

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