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Fix Your Browser Blocking Grammarly Editor Error

Your browser settings is preventing Grammarly Editor from loading. Please proceed into the browser configurations, choose Cookies and empower Third-Party Cookies. It is as simple as 1-2-3! . Here is the error message you’d see if you’re hoping to fix the mistakes in your newly written article or article. As soon as the Grammarly editor demonstrates that you’ve made a grammatical mistake, you can fix it by clicking on right button displayed when you hover on the mistake notification in the base of this WordPress editor or some other text editor that is on-line.

The moment you click on the proper button you may see “your browser will be Blocking Grammarly Editor” “Your browser settings is preventing Grammarly Editor from loading. Please proceed into the browser configurations, choose Cookies, and empower Third-Party Cookies. It is as simple as 1-2-3!” Error message.

Although the error message states “it is as simple as 1-2-3!” , it’s actually not. The issue is little tough to solve than simply enabling third-party cookies on your browser as advocated in the error message.

Today Grammarly Editor extension for Google Chrome is something I’d suggest to each blogger or the men and women who wish to compose grammatically correct post or posts. This may also be convenient if you are an active person on Quora, Facebook or some other people query response forum or social network sites. The expansion might not be perfectly appropriate all of the time, however, the mistakes are negligible.

Coming into the aforementioned mistake, the error message states that you’ve got disabled third party cookies on your Chrome browser. Nonetheless, in my case I’ve not disabled third-party biscuits for almost any website. Therefore, what’s the answer?

The alternative is allowing third party cookies from the Chrome browser and then restart the browser. However, what if you’ve got third-party cookies enabled and yet receiving the exact same message repeatedly? The remedy would be to look at your Inbox exclusion listing and if necessary delete and delete the expansion again.

Follow the below given steps to find out how to repair your browser is uninstalled Grammarly Editor.

Repair Your Browser Blocking Grammarly Editor Error

Before you proceed with the below given steps to resolve this error, try Grammarly’s very own diagnostic evaluation.

Proceed to along with a automatic diagnostic evaluation will initialize. After few moment you can watch the diagnostic evaluation result. Should you see “Oh no! It seems like something is really wrong with your connection.Please contact service so we can work together with you to solve this situation.” Message then click on the Contact Service link to speak to the Grammarly technical staff.

Should you see success material, but still confronting the mistake, follow below specified steps to repair it.

#1: Enable Upgrades / Third-Party Cookies

The firs thing that you should do is assess if you’ve got disabled third party biscuits in Chrome browser. Even in case you don’t recall it doing personally, you still might have to look at your Inbox preferences.

Click on Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.

In the context menu, then select Settings.

From preferences, scroll down and click on Advanced Settings.

Under Privacy segment, click on “Content” placing button.

Ensure that “empower local information to be put (recommended)” is chosen.

Additionally, make sure that “Block third party cookies and website information” option is unchecked.

Click on Done button at the bottom to store the settings.

#2: Assess Cookies exclusion settings

When you have Cookies and third party cookies enabled, check the cookie cutter and website data exceptions configurations.

Proceed to Settings, then click on Advanced preferences and choose Content Settings.

Click on Manage exclusion and see if you own Any unidentified URL (which you have not added yourself to the exclusion list) blocked and added. In case you have some, then click on the URL and choose Allow from the behaviour section.

Click the Done to save the configurations. Now restart Chrome browser and see whether the mistake in Grammarly editor was solved.

#3: Combine and Reinstall Grammarly Editor

If the above steps did not work for you, then you may attempt to eliminate the Grammarly Editor in the extension configurations and then reinstall it in the Chrome Store.

Click on Menu (three horizontal lines), then visit More tools and choose Extensions in the context menu.

In the list of installed extensions, locate Grammarly Editor and click on garbage can icon to delete it.

Now visit Chrome shop here and set up Grammarly Editor extension simply by clicking on Insert button.

Once included, restart the browser and see whether the error was solved. In the majority of the cases reinstalling the Grammarly Editor in Chrome can correct this matter.

Considering that the Grammarly expansion is presently just confined to Google Chrome (at the time of composing this article), this mistake is Chrome-specific only. But if the expansion makes its way ever to Mozilla Firefox or the Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 it is possible to try out the very same actions to solve the matter.

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